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Right Theory + Practical Implementation = Unfathomed Glory.

miBEAT contains carefully selected necessary materials to explain you the process to develop your medical grade system with ease. It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert or a beginner; the experience of learning through miBEAT is unparalleled. The tutorials designed have been perfected over years to make you an expert in Biomedical System Designing within days! Think of miBEAT like a practical coursework where you learn the concepts and deploy them in practice to master the art of developing Medical Grade Systems and that too right on your Android Phone! And because we have uncovered some of the strongly kept industry secrets to obtain data in the noisiest of environment, you will be surprized to see the results.

Using miBEAT is a simple 4 Step Process


Once you get your hands on miBEAT, learn the concepts covered necessary to develop a medical grade system through the specially prepared miBEAT tutorial provided in the kit. Start with learning about the individual components, their applications and the art of designing analog amplifiers and filters. Continue with uncovering the art of designing real-time digital filters using MATLAB and its implementation. Explore the concepts of microcontroller interfacing, flow charts and the codes to obtain noise-free data wirelessly through Bluetooth.



Solder the components on the miBEAT board while following the miBEAT Soldering Tutorial. With miBEAT you can never go wrong. Just follow the tutorial and perform step by step check on the test points provided on the board while you carefully solder the components on the miBEAT Board.



Download and Install the miBEAT App on your Android Phone/Windows PC. Search and Pair the miBEAT device with your Mobile Phone. Insert the MAC Address of the Bluetooth Module in the app and you are good to go! Plot. Save. Browse. Play!


Step 4 : SWAG!

Let the world know that you have arrived! Click a pic of yours with your output on your Phone and Post it on Facebook. Tag it with #miBEAT, #BEATbyCardea and your course completion certificate will be on your way.

Unlock Your Reward

Additional: Once you complete the Step 4. We will reward you by sending the detailed explanation of MATLAB program to perform signal processing of ECG using wavelets to extract Heart Rate Variability in Time Domain, Frequency Domain and Non-Linear Poin-care Plot.

You can do anything you set your mind to but it takes Action, Perseverance and Facing your fears"

- Gillian Anderson