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Biomedical Engineering Application Toolkit
Designed For the Next Generation Smarter Class of Engineers

miBEAT is an open Source Hardware with step by step instructions to help you build a 'Medical Grade' data acquisition system with ease. Yes! You Read It Right - a Medical Grade CE certified system to obtain diagnostic quality signals from scratch over any Android Phone. Perfected over years of research and tested in the best medical research centers and hospitals, miBEAT empowers you to obtain flawless data through Bluetooth even in the noisiest of environment.

Biomedical Instrumentation

Configure miBEAT to get Medical Grade Signal from 3 electrodes, 2 electrodes or even from touch!

Real time Signal Processing

Use miBEAT to learn, implement and modify concepts of DSP such as convolution to perform real time digital filtering.

Offline Signal Analysis

Get access to our codes to learn, implement and perform offline signal processing of ECG, EMG, PPG etc on MATLAB.

Product Development

Go beyond prototypes and develop a plethora of wearable devices using miBEAT.

miBEAT for Students

Whether you are an Undergraduate or a Post Graduate student, miBEAT is just for you.

Stand out of the crowd when you implement the learning from the course material carefully designed for the next generation Engineering students like you to develop your very own Medical Grade system from scratch.


miBEAT for Research

miBEAT + your Creativity = Plethora of Innovations!

Use miBEAT to develop medical grade data acquisition system. Interface your analog design with miBEAT and obtain data easily on your phone. Perform Research, acquire data, perform offline analysis using our MATLAB algorithms to accelerate your research work.


miBEAT for Professors

Give a practical feel to the awesome concepts taught by you in signal processing and instrumentation!

Make miBEAT your personal assistant to aid you in giving a hands-on practical explanation to the concepts in Instrumentation and Signal Processing such as Convolution, Filter Designing etc. right on your smart phone engaging your students to the next level.


Obtain Real Time Noise-Free signal even in the noisiest of environment
With just one click Filter button


One platform | Endless possibilities


Plot Real-Time Signal on your Phone or Desktop using Bluetooth Technology


Realtime Filter implementation using MATLAB


Realtime display on desktop using LABVIEW

Capture Raw as well as processed data | Not Just ECG

Build not just a prototype but a product with miBEAT
Explore ample of possibilites with miBEAT

Use miBEAT to develop medical devices such as event recorders, on-touch data recorders, conductive fabric based wearable devices, data acquisition watches etc. Use miBEAT to easily acquire data on your laptop for lab experiments or smart phone for all your field experiments. Get access to our MATLAB codes and modify them with ease for processing your experimental data for all your research activities.


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