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The Engineers at Cardea Research Labs wanted an easy-to-use Medical Grade ECG system. Unable to find one, they ended up building it themselves.

This was just the beginning of miBEAT and what it has in store for the engineer / technologist / entrepreneur in you.

The Opportunity

According to a report by Transparency Market Research it is predicted that the global wearable technology will reach US $5.8 billion in 2018,

With wearable technologies, m-health, Internet of Things and Tele-medicine as the poised booming sectors, it was surprising to find the lack of platform devices which can be used to develop quick solutions to cater to these areas.

Understanding The Pain Points

Multiple discussions with numerous engineering students from different universities and colleges helped us realize that its not just the device which the students need. They need the right guidance to make one themselves. The lack of convergence between theoretical concepts and hands on practical often leads to dis-satisfaction. Despite having a few devices in the lab, the practical training on such devices starts and ends with its use and application. The hunger to develop a medical device remains unsatisfied.

The Education Revolution called miBEAT

miBEAT is designed to revolutionize the education of the next generation of engineers. miBEAT is a learn it yourself platform where you get step-by-step knowledge from scratch to develop a medical-grade Biomedical System viz. ECG, EMG, EOG and PPG. Once implemented you will gain the confidence to develop products overnight and shine out from the rest of the crowd.

Once you develop miBEAT there is no stopping you !

Use miBEAT as a data acquisition device and conduct plethora of experiments any where at your convenience. To help you with your research, we will provide every miBEAT Engineer with the detailed explanation of MATLAB program to perform signal processing of ECG using wavelets to extract Heart Rate Variability in Time Domain, Frequency Domain and Non-Linear Poin-care Plot. For advanced learners, we will provide every miBEAT Engineer with numerous MATLAB codes developed over our years of research to perform signal processing of other signals viz ECG, PPG and EMG as well.